Loyal American Units:

During America's War of Independence
many Americans took up arms to fight
for their King and against an insurgency
that would deprive most of their freedom.
These Americans became known as
Loyalists and were about 40% of the
population of which about half were
openly supporters of the crown. Over
100 different loyal militia units were
formed, some with few enlisted men but 21
with significant numbers are shown on table below :

LOYALIST UNIT Commander Peak No's Operational Base Operation Period Operating Area Finale Known For:
British Legion Banstre Tarleton 400 Charleston 1778/81 Carolinas Surrendered at Yorktown Most successful cavalry unit of the war, marking them out for the US's propaganda treatment
Queen's Rangers John Simcoe 150 Charleston 1778/81 Carolinas Surrendered at Yorktown Successfully cutting rebel supplies e.g. kept Washington's army starving at Valley Forge
American Volunteers Patrick Ferguson 150 Charleston 1780 Carolinas Destroyed Primarily a recruitment unit & for keeping rebels at bay, but became overwhelmed & wiped out at King's Mountain
New Jersey Volunteers Cortlandt Skinner 1800 New York 1776/83 New York to Georgia Disbanded war's end A very active unit always in the thick of it, considered dogged and reliable
De Lancey’s Brigade Oliver De Lancey 1500 New York 1776/83 New York to Georgia Disbanded war's end Raised originally to defend Long Island but took part in the capture of Charleston and liberation of Savannah
American Legion Benedict Arnold 1200 New york 1780/83 Virginia to Connecticut at war's end Made up of rebel defectors employing same tactics. Troop no.s vague as if caught would be hung as deserters
King’s American Regiment Edmund Fanning 1000 New York 1776/83 Rhode Is.. to Georgia Disbanded at war's end One of the most active units serving with the British in most theatres of the war
Pennsylvania Loyalists William Allen 1000 New York 1776/79 NY to Pensacola Surrendered at Pensacola Made a valiant stand at Pensacola for 2 months with no relief, surrendered but prisoner exchanged July 1782
Volunteers of Ireland Lord Rawdon 1000 Philadelphia 1778/82 Carolinas Assimilated into army Highly regarded by the British as made good soldiers, but no good to rebels as they were religious & had morals
Butler’s Rangers John Butler 800 Niagara Canada 1777/84 Rebel's Heartland Disbanded 1784 Adopted the same guerrilla tactics used by rebels and therefore became the most feared of all Loyalists units
Maryland Loyalists James Chalmers 500 New York 1777/83 NY to Pensacola Surrendered at Pensacola Were mostly from eastern part of Maryland and also at Pensacola when they had to surrender to the Spanish
N. Carolina Volunteers Josiah Martin 1500 Wilmington N.Carolina 1777/83 Carolinas Many to Nova Scotia A large number assembled prematurely at Moore's Creek & were slaughtered but later more took part other Battles
S. Carolina Royalists Alexander Innis 4000 Charleston 1778/82 Georgia to Carolinas Disbanded in New York South Carolina contributed thousands of men to fight the many battles in their area in an effort to stay Loyal
Loyal American Regiment Beverly Robinson 400 New York 1777/83 New York Disbanded at war's end Defended Long Island for most of the war but some were hand chosen and were with Maj. Ferguson's annihilation
New York Volunteers George Turnbull 400 New York 1776/83 New York to Georgia Disbanded at war's end Sent to both Savannah and South Carolina as good mounted infantry
Ethiopian Regiment Lord Dunmore 250 Norfolk Virginia 1775/76 Virginia Dissolved 1776 Slaves promised freedom if would fight but defeated at Great Bridge & then survivers decimated by disease
King’s Royal Regiment John Johnson 250 Montreal Canada 1776/84 Upper New York Disbanded 1784 Long & distinuished role in keeping rebels from Canada's door, winning even when considerably outnumbered
Georgia Loyalists James Wright 200 Savannah 1779/82 Georgia Disbanded 1782 Merged with East Florida Rangers to hold Savannah, defeating Wayne so heavily he made no more attempts
Loyal Militia David Fanning 1000 Wilmington N.Carolina 1778/83 Carolinas Disbanded 1783 Determined & successful unit that conducted many daring raids encouraging hundreds of other Loyalists to enlist
Loyal American Rangers WIlliam Odell 500 Jamaica 1780/83 Caribbean Disbanded 1783 Americans unit who helped protect British interests in the Caribbean from rebel forces

Uniforms of Loyalist Units

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