American Revolution's Legacy

The definition of freedom is:- The power to act, speak & think freely
Which means to have liberty, be allowed unhampered boldness and separation
Able to speak frankly and to be outspoken
To be free to question anything
To be an individual free to explore boundaries
To pursue individualism
But individualism will of course question everything and therefore want everything to be allowed
This cultivates selfishness
Selfishness is good for the economy as it means lusting after material goods that will generate revenue, but it doesn't stop there, as to pursue selfish desires will also question all values and all moral truths
This effectively means nothing is true and every is permitted.

This has a corrosive effect on communal unity and the fledgling US administration quickly realised they would soon no longer be able to govern.
Therefore having no esteem of their own they invited a member of the German nobility to become their King, but having seen how the last one was treated, he declined their offer.
They therefore resorted to just giving the people an impression of freedom, but would actually control them through the fear of something or other, that only they can prevent and by having inspiring myths and illusions, which in the case of the USA had to be invented.
The myth is the nation has a unique destiny and the illusion is its battle against anything alien or perceived as evil.

But this self-righteousness requires continual self-justification and politicians having to find ever new causes for the people to rally behind, as a way of preventing the individual's right to self-interest from undermining national interest. But this inevitably condemns the people to a continual state of paranoia, that denies them 'their freedom'.


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