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The Founding Fathers of the United States of America

Samuel Adams
The Master Propagandist and organiser of the insurgent 'Sons of Liberty'.
A man with a grudge if ever there was one, he had lost all the considerable amount of money his father had given him in failed enterprise's (the supply of which ceased when his father's business was declared illegal), lost all but 2 of his many children and was charged with embezzling 7000 ($1.5m today) from tax receipts, but instead of going to his trial he was miles away in Lexington when those shots that were fired at both sides started the war.

John Hancock
The Very Wealthy Smuggler, who paid the bail for Adam's embezzlment charge.
A perverse man who founded his own militia (Boston cadets) and was also at Lexington with Samual Adams that fateful day with a compelling motive to start the shooting in order to prevent curtailment of his very lucrative smuggling activities.
Later when he wanted to be appointed army commander, John Adams convinced Congress that Washington would be more suitable, this then caused the two to become enemies.

John Adams
The Lawyer who got the very guilty John Hancock off a smuggling charge.
The architect of independence and a pragmatist, but was considered by the others as vane, cantankerous, bad tempered, argumentative, always thinking he was right, very infuriating and needless to say unpopular. Despite this he became the second President of the United States and predicted that the whole history of the revolution would be a lie from beginning to end, He died a sidelined and unappreciated man.

Thomas Paine
The Journalist and Pamphleteer who wrote 'Common Sense' (a case for revolution) and 'American Crisis' which when read to the troops of the Continental Army inspired them to win their first battle at Trenton, albeit against drunken Hessians.
However he was generally unpleasant and could never stop criticizing everybody, so much so that on his death at his home which had been stolen from a Loyalist, he was refused a Christian burial.

The famous General and the nation's first President. At the age of nineteen he was badly disfigured by smallpox and then toothless had false ones fitted with a lead plate, which no doubt subjected him to acute poisoning that would account for violent mood swings. He started his military career by losing a battle against the French and then instead of negotiating a French withdrawal he incompetently killed their Ambassador, which sparked off the French war against the English, during which he got himself captured. After this he inherited a fortune and although a somewhat cold, arrogant, bad tempered man with an inferiority complex, became one of the richest men in the Colonies through marriage.

Although (he thought) mangled by the others, wrote the Declaration of Independence.
An extremist, capable of writing inspiring yet almost meaningless words, was always in debt and probably rallied to the cause to avoid having to repay what he owed to English Merchants.
He perversely blamed Britain for him owning over 200 slaves which somehow he never set free and even had several childen by one of them. He was the third US President, but before he died $10m (today) in debt, he distroyed all his correspondence.

The Man credited with bringing France into the War on the side of the Rebels.
A rebellious son of a Soap Boiler who became a Printing mogul and Inventor. He never married his common law wife, but had countless affairs and many illegitimate sons, only one survived.
He went to France to seek their participation, but proved so gullible to French flattery, not seeing they were only looking to repossess America for themselves.
His only son William was an American Loyalist.

First Secretary to the Treasury, born to a poor family on the British island of Nevis.
He was very intelligent and was sent to America and King's College, he considered the war would fast track his ambition, becoming a brilliant artillery officer and then Washington's aid.
Although a monarchist (friendly towards Britain) he single handedly saved the economy (thus the Republic) by stopping corruption and insider trading, but by doing so, made enemies in a country founded on them, so he was shot dead by the Vice president.

J. Madison
Federalist Legislator who drafted the Constitution and assisted with the Bill of Rights.
A small wizened, cold, remote, sickly intellectual, allied to the Francophile Thomas Jefferson in opposing Hamilton's sucessful plan to save the US economy, handing him the 4th Presidency.
As President he first aided Napoleon's attack on Britain, then concocted excuses to instigate the ill-conceived War of 1812-14, during which he fled the 'white house' leaving his wife Dolly to save historic artefacts from the avenging (for York) British bonfires.

Masonic Eye
At least nine of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons, e.g. George Washington, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere, but probably many of the others were also members of this secret society that received aid from their European counterparts. The US one dollar bill is testimony to this as it contains Masonic symbols including (left) the All Seeing Eye in a pyramid, (now said to be that of God, but this is unlikely as they all but rejected religion) and a hexagram formed by the arrangement of stars above the eagles head.

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George Washington Master Mason
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