" The Boston Massacre "
March 5 1770

Itís a testimony to the effectiveness of revolutionary propaganda that this allegation persists today, as all the reliable evidence clearly point to it being a premeditated attack on British soldiers.

Firstly the mob of over 200 rowdies that had arrived about 8.30pm at the Customs House, drunk at the expense of smuggler John Hancock were all carrying clubs. Then to provoke the incident one of them threatened the lone sentry Pvt White, so much that he call out the remaining guard of 7 men, (5 of which were actually armed). The mob then surrounded these soldiers to prevent them from returning to their barracks and pinned them against a wall to subject them to a bombardment of snowball sized chunks of ice. However the mainly young soldiers did not respond as wanted, so the mob then also started striking the soldiers raised muskets with their clubs, while at the same time repeatedly shouting at them to fire.

Eyewitness accounts state that one of the soldiers was knocked senseless by a chunk of ice, causing him to drop his musket which discharged as it hit the ground.
With the soldiers then obviously fearing for their lives, some did fire, but could have only fired a total of 5 more shots, but this does not correspond with the 11 colonists who were hit and all bar one of these were at the back of the mob over 100 feet from the soldiers. Ballistic tests have proved the trajectory of the balls, apparent from injuries sustained, could not have been all fired from where the British were. So where did the other shots come from?

Then thereís Paul Revereís engraving, produced suspiciously quickly which contains tell-tale discrepancies suggesting it was produced beforehand e.g. Captain Preston was always in front of his men, yet was shown behind, there was no snow shown on the ground, yet it had just snowed heavily, the causalities were shown close to the British, but all bar one were over 100 feet away and the causalities depicted were all white, when in fact two were black.

Even the soldier's trial suggests orchestration, as staunch patriot John Adams having arranged for himself to defend the soldiers, stuffed the jury with Loyalists to ensure they were acquitted, on the one hand to make the British think it had all blown over, while on the other, knowing the propaganda surrounding the case would add to a sense of grievance, by making it appear justice had not been done.

Then of course there are the vested interests of smuggler John Hancock, anarchists Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, who exploited the death of 5 colonists, which means logic overwhelmingly implicates them as having arranged it all.